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If you own a shard and are looking to fill a staff position that suits your shards needs, this is the place!

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I am currently building an Age of Shadows "replica" server with added features, such as a new player armor, dungeon and training area. When I played UO I really enjoyed the AoS era and have been unable to find a shard that replicates it without having incredibly overpowered items, stats and skills. I enjoyed having multiple characters which is why I like having a skill and stat cap, plus it also ensures a balanced server.

A few other things I enjoyed from that era was Doom, item insurance (solo play became viable) and item enhancing from the loot you would find. It created a player economy and it was fun making suits for multiple characters. I am seeking your opinion in regards to what you enjoyed in that era or what you would like to see an AoS server have. After all, this community is what makes free server play fun.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who is kind enough to share there thoughts with me!


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