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So you guys were hosting the download for uoextreme4 source zip, but it was password protected, but to my surprise I found out the password=loopy with a password cracker that I figured I'd try on it. It seems like uoe4 actually launches the 1.25.35 client in testing, but nothing pops up.

uoe5 beta 3 a client pops up then freezes.

uoe5 beta 2 a client pops up and no freezing, but I don't know of a server to actually connect it to :(

Anyway I thought maybe that information would be useful to someone on these forums.

I couldn't seem to get it working with the demo in testing though.

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Thank you for your interest.

It was me that actually uploaded the source, it was on my HDD but I have no idea were or from who I got it from.

I also tried it once and it is still my hope to make it working with the demo or atleast with the UO:98 server.
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