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Hello everyone,
My server is not really new at all. It's about a year old and going. It was started as a giant sandbox for my friends and I to play around on. All of us are players from 1996 till about 2003 and loved UO for the interaction and group hunt's. We are trying to branch out a bit and invite players to join us. But I do have a few questions first.

#1 How can I get my website to link. I put it in the box provided in the edit screen for my shard, but it wont take. I am very cheap and by " I ", I mean my wife wont let me spend money on a .com. So my addy is and it won't acknowledge it at all.
#2 I would like to know how to link my server to show its stats. I am sure im over looking something. I would like to show when people are on, peak numbers and server online status.
#3 This is for all the other owners that have servers. how is it going public with your server? Do you find you have more issues with the server? Also how do you deal with or make sure that all parties are happy?

Thank you everyone in advance for any answers,
Mt. Olympus server

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