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Do you have a special skill? Looking for a server to help maintain? You MUST post your skills, experience, and age.

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My name is Chris Lemley, and I am the owner/President of the former TeamPandemic, LLC. - better known in the world of eSports (competitive gaming) as Team Pandemic. I'm posting in hopes of finding a quality new or upcoming project where my very unique skillset and experiences might come in handy. From a PR blurb:

"Founded in 2002, Team Pandemic would become one of the most successful brand names in the ‘sport’ of competitive video gaming. As a professional electronic sports team, Pandemic represented champions and community figureheads in titles such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft, Guitar Hero and Counter-Strike. Our gamers lay claim to over 75 live international championship victories, countless online league cups and titles and more than $250,000 in cumulative earnings.

As a business, the organization was utilized by a number of Fortune 500 companies as a unique and dynamic vehicle through which to reach the 14-24 year-old age group and appeal to gamers worldwide. Team Pandemic specializes in interactive programs such as live event marketing and branding, online gaming leagues and tournaments, viral media, social networking and more.
In short, I was blessed to make a career out of competitive video gaming; and not through playing myself, but by taking the top professionals or personalities in a variety of games and marketing them globally to a number of very lucrative partners --- our corporate sponsors included Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Razer, Plantronics, AT&T and several others."

How does this relate to UO? Well, I have a track record of essentially taking a gaming entity out of thin air ('professional' gamers are a very, very loosely defined group; what even makes a 'pro'? Why is this game more 'pro' than another? etc.) and was able to package it, draw millions of eyes to our events, media and websites, and most importantly, sell it.

I AM NOT A CODER. I could be taught to perhaps be a serviceable counselor or play a similar role, but my passion is in creating excitement around game(s) that I truly love.

What I specialize in:
    Marketing Campaign Creation, Development and Execution
    Promotional Artwork
    Ad Development and Placement
    Reputable "Word of Mouth" / Meaningful Testimonials
    New Media Development and Upkeep (Video, Social Networks, Ad Campaigns)
    Social Media Management and Growth (Facebook, Twitter)
    Gaming Community Outreach
    Public Relations

What I'm looking for in a shard/project:
    Professional, organized staff with passionate management.
    A long-term plan with transparency.
    Large scale goals and equally large scale responsibility and expectations.
    Have the tools and personnel in place to deliver on promises to users, and keep improving.

The proof is in the pudding. I can bring users to your server; I can create a buzz around your project. If you don't give them an enjoyable experience and a quality product, I can't make them stay.

Further information available upon request (media mentions, resume, etc.) - per forum rules, I'm 27 and from the central U.S.

AIM: crlemleylg
Skype: chris.lemley

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