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Easy- wrote:Another month. Another bout of UOR cheating the votes. You guys toned down your proxy voting bot a bit this month to make it a little less obvious but its still obvious.

Too bad it appears Derick abondoned this website and doesn't moderate it anymore.

Dude you are a whining bitch. Quit looking at other shards as the "competition" or the enemy and just be glad you are keeping an ancient game alive. You fucks whine too much, and if you are so worried about your rank it sounds like your motivations for running a server are more about your ego than about doing it for the love of the game.

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I seen some spamming on Facebook a while back by some "Shane Kober" .. "Come to UOF!" on the SecondAge FB page.. and so I took the bait. I was at UOF the first and second days of launch until I found out they had blocked auto sell agent on razor. I asked that they modify that and Shane banned me permanently from the IRC and the shard. I never went back even on my extra accounts I had made. By his constant raging and childish attitude I can imagine he has some sort of mental illness. Just wanted to inform you all, this nonsense is nothing new. God bless you, UO:R! I'll be there!

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