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If you own a shard and are looking to fill a staff position that suits your shards needs, this is the place!

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:00 pm
Hi, I have been working on the hardcore, oldschool-style shard but since I am new to RunUO, I decided that seeking like-minded people would make the process faster.

So far the project is half-way finished and most mechanics are implemented/changed to support the initial idea of a hardcore, full-freedom shard, but there are many other ideas on my mind which I need help to add. This won't be another 3-month dead server, I have good promotion ideas on how to make people interested, so your efforts are likely to be worth it.

If you have love for RunUO scripting and would want to try yourself in a new project, please PM me here.


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